MBA Brochure and Κανονισμός Λειτουργίας (in Hellenic)

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Leonidas Chytiris

Dear Prospective Student,

The choice of an MBA Programme is a matter of high significance for your business career and success. Therefore, your choice should be based on your personal goals and plans, your abilities, the added value of the MBA Programme (in terms of structure, content and teaching staff) and the reputation of the institution that offers it.

The participation in an MBA Programme requires willingness for learning, great effort, loyalty and seriousness (as far as your studies are concerned), elements that will allow you to acquire the prerequisites to become a successful manager, like:

· Management knowledge
· Experience
· Maturity

Our MBA Programme is based on the small class size that helps students exchange ideas and experiences and promotes an attitude of team thinking and acting. It is also based on modern teaching approaches (case studies, workgroups, site visits, guest speaker lectures etc), a high-calibre faculty with an international presence and a broad academic and professional experience and a demanding programme structure that helps students to set and advance their professional and personal goals (16 courses in 3 semesters, 2 specializations). All the above factors contribute significantly to the acquisition of knowledge, abilities and a leading personality that will allow you to manage complex situations, make decisions and introduce changes within the national and international context of modern enterprises. If you consider yourself able (GPA, personality, business experience, etc) to follow postgraduate studies, then take this opportunity, be compared with other candidates and become a member / student of our MBA Programme. Professor Leonidas Chytiris

Graduates that will be the next generation of managers-leaders who:

· Have acquired knowledge and abilities to manage, make decisions, face and introduce changes within the national and international context of modern enterprises
· Have formed a leading personality
· Have gained a learning experience in an interactive environment with professors, managers and colleagues.
The MBA Programme addresses graduates of Hellenic or foreign (located abroad) universities.

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